'No One Can Get Close' To Alcaraz And Sinner At Their Best Says Former Australian Open Finalist

'No One Can Get Close' To Alcaraz And Sinner At Their Best Says Former Australian Open Finalist

by Zachary Wimer

Former ATP player John Lloyd once stood in an Australian Open final but failed to win it; however, he thinks this year's winner, Jannik Sinner, will dominate tennis in the coming years alongside Carlos Alcaraz.

Many worry about the future of tennis now that the Big Three are basically just Novak Djokovic. When he retires in the coming years, what will be left of tennis? Well, as he himself pointed out, a few players will take his place.

Carlos Alcaraz, Jannik Sinner, and Holger Rune are the future of tennis. They're also the present, especially the first two who already won Grand Slams. Former player John Lloyd never did that, but he can see potential in new-generation players, as he said during a recent episode of the Inside-In podcast on the Tennis Channel.

Like many, he sees Alcaraz and Sinner as the two players who will run away from the rest of the group because they are simply better.

"These two guys, I tell you, the other guys are going to have to really step up. Because they're gonna run away with it. We always say that, 'He's on the big come-up,' but I tell you, when those two are playing at their best, no one can get close, I don't think."

Alcaraz had a bit of a down period in recent months, but he bounced back well at the Indian Wells Open, and Lloyd was impressed with that. On the other hand, Sinner has been dominating against everyone in 2024.

"But I was impressed with the way he rebounded, Alcaraz. It suddenly looked like in the off-season that Sinner had made this improvement, which he has. His management of the court is a lot better now, he's worked on his serve. You're looking at it and you think, 'Okay, well he's kinda jumped ahead a little bit of Alcaraz.' And then you watch it at Indian Wells, and he was getting blown off the court there."


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