Rybakina Admits She Avoided Practice Court In Miami During Off Days

Rybakina Admits She Avoided Practice Court In Miami During Off Days

by Zachary Wimer

Elena Rybakina is having a tough time at this year's Miami Open, so she changed her usual approach.

The Kazakhstani player didn't play in Indian Wells, which was disappointing for her, but it also meant that she arrived in Miami without much preparation. Some of her matches were rather long and physical, so Rybakina made a choice with her team not to really practice after her matches.

It's not her usual approach because the Kazakstani player generally uses those free days to hit the court, but this time around, it was mostly about recovery and getting ready for her next match.

It worked out pretty well for her because she could win all of her matches and book the final at the WTA 1000 tournament in Miami, the same as last year.

This year's run was much more complicated, with more dropped sets, and she admitted to fatigue after beating Victoria Azarenka. However, she hopes that this approach will allow her to produce a solid level in the final so she can lift the trophy.

"Well, honestly, without any secrets, every match I played here the next day, I didn’t practice. So yeah, it’s also a first time for me, we made this decision, and we see how I’m going to feel tomorrow. But I’m not sure if I’m coming on site."

Rybakina on the Tennis Channel

She didn't go all the way last year because Petra Kvitova beat her in the final. This year's final isn't going to be any simpler for her because she's facing a tough player in Danielle Collins, who will try to win her maiden WTA 1000 trophy.

It should be a great conclusion to the event, with both players needing this victory for different reasons. While the American is retiring after this year, Rybakina's great season was often interrupted due to physical issues.


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