Next Gen ATP Finals Set To Be Held In Saudi Arabia In 2023

Next Gen ATP Finals Set To Be Held In Saudi Arabia In 2023

by Sebastian Dahlman

The Next Gen ATP Finals will be taking place in Saudi Arabia moving forward as the country is officially entering tennis as per Ubitennis.

So far, we've seen tennis played in Saudi Arabia mostly in the exhibition format, but from now on, we'll see an official ATP event take place in the country. After months of speculation, it's confirmed that the Next Gen ATP Finals are moving from Milan to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia this year.

The venue features six outside tennis courts as well as an indoor arena that can hold up to 12,000 people. It's a given that the event will likely go smoothly because Saudi Arabia won't fumble this event, as it's likely an audition for a bigger one to come in the future.

It's very unlikely that their appetite is hosting an event where the best under-21 players will play, as it is not that flashy. Certainly not as flashy as the country hoped for. The event itself features some difficulty because it will be held in the second half of December, which is in the middle of the offseason.

Most players slowly start preparing for the season at that time, but this might be a bit too soon for most of them. We'll see what happens later this year when the first edition of the event comes around. There should be some talented players competing at the event, as the prize pool certainly won't be disappointing.

The ATP has held numerous talks with the country of hosting a few events, talks the CEO described as positive. The WTA, on the other hand, hasn't held any talks even though they were approached by the country. We've also recently heard the news of the country trying to buy the United Cup from Tennis Australia, which would be quite a splash. The splash they may be looking for.


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