Nadal's Roland Garros Participation 'Yet To Be Decided' According To Coach

Nadal's Roland Garros Participation 'Yet To Be Decided' According To Coach

by Zachary Wimer

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Despite strong indications that Rafael Nadal will play at the 2024 Roland Garros, his coach, Carlos Moya, admitted that it has not been decided yet.

There has been a lot of 'will he, won't he' with the Spanish player this year, as there is nothing certain about his career. He's been quite open with his thoughts, but the conclusions behind them have been, for the most part not very indicative.

Recent suggestions regarding his Roland Garros participation suggest that he'll likely play at the event. Rumors have circulated that he might not, but that's mostly because his most recent match was really bad.

Still, many fans generally believe that Nadal won't be missing Roland Garros because everything he did this year was done so that he could play in Paris.

His coach, Carlos Moya, recently spoke with Spanish media, admitting that the decision hasn't been made yet. The plan right now is to go to Paris, but obviously, things can still change.

"The idea is to be at Roland Garros next week, but we haven't decided anything yet. We move forward little by little, trying to pick up the pace. He has come a long way, with various injuries in recent months."

Carlos Moya on Roland Garros

"It is clear that he lacks a bit of competitive rhythm. There has been an evolution since Barcelona on a physical and mental level, but above all he now has certain guarantees of being able to hold a match in five sets."

Nobody in Nadal's camp isn't giving any decisive answers at the moment, and neither is the 22-time major winner himself, as they all likely want to avoid extra pressure, given he's the 14-time champion at the event.

The 2024 French Open starts on May 26th, and the tournament's final will be played on June 9th.


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