Nadal Believes His Rivalry With Federer 'Raised Bar For Healthy Rivalries' In Sports

Nadal Believes His Rivalry With Federer 'Raised Bar For Healthy Rivalries' In Sports

by Zachary Wimer

One of the most significant rivalries in recent sports history is that between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, and the Spaniard thinks it raised the bar for what a healthy rivalry should look like.

The rivalry between the Swiss Maestro and the Spanish King of Clay is absolutely one of the most iconic rivalries the sport of tennis has ever seen. Even in sports, generally, it's hard to find a rivalry that has been so competitive yet so respectful as this one.

They started as fierce rivals who battled each other for hours on the court but ended up as good friends, who are doing brand collaborations together. Nobody cried more than Nadal at Federer's retirement ceremony, and it just shows how close they've become.

Talking during the collaboration with Louis Vuitton, the Spaniard mentioned the rivalry and how it likely raised the bar of what a proper but healthy rivalry between two athletes should look like.

"I have always said that Roger has inspired millions of people around the world, me included. I believe that our rivalry has definitely raised the bar in sports in terms of healthy rivalry and how athletes can try their best on the court, to the maximum, definitely wanting to win by all means but with a huge respect for the rival. The rivalry stayed always on court and we knew it had always to be like that."

Nadal on his rivalry with Federer

Many have cited the rivalry as a role model for rivalries, including young players like Carlos Alcaraz and Jannik Sinner, who hope to have a similar rivalry. They're on a good path so far, but it just shows how much respect the rivalry commands among tennis players and other athletes, as it will certainly remain one of the most iconic rivalries in sports.


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