Murray's Team Releases Important Update After Wimbledon Withdrawal Rumors

Murray's Team Releases Important Update After Wimbledon Withdrawal Rumors

by Zachary Wimer

There has been much commotion recently around Andy Murray, but his team has now released an official statement about his 2024 Wimbledon Championships participation.

Murray last played at the Cinch Championships at the Queen's Club, where he won one match before being forced to retire in the second match he played. The Brit suffered a back injury, which forced him to abandon play after only five games and also required him to undergo surgery on his back.

That was followed by the news of Murray's withdrawal from Wimbledon due to the surgery, which generally has about a four-week recovery time. The announcement came from the ATP's social media account, but shortly after, the post was removed.

It was at the behest of Murray's team, as the Brit hadn't officially withdrawn from the event yet. Great Britain's Davis Cup team captain, Leon Smith further confirmed that Murray still hopes to be ready for Wimbledon.

It may be unlikely because he'll have to recover in about a week when it usually takes around four weeks. As unlikely as it is, Murray has a good incentive to try everything possible because this Wimbledon is his final one.

He will retire from teh sport this year and quite possibly relatively soon, which makes playing at Wimbledon a priority for him. Missing it would be devastating, but it's a possibility. He will try all he can to step out onto the court and that was confirmed by a statement released by his team.

"Following his surgery on Saturday, Andy is continuing to work with his medical team to confirm when he will return to the court. At this stage, no decisions have been made and we will update further as soon as anything has been finalised."

Murray's team on the plan moving forward

There is some cautious optimism that Murray will be able to step onto the court. Whether he'll be competitive is another matter.


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