Murray Asked To Withdraw From Wimbledon By Qualifying Alternate Hoping For Debut

Murray Asked To Withdraw From Wimbledon By Qualifying Alternate Hoping For Debut

by Zachary Wimer

Andy Murray received a direct message on social media from a qualifying alternate, Jules Marie, who asked the Brit if he could withdraw from the tournament.

French tennis player Jules Marie showed the world his direct message to the former world no. 1, in which he asked Murray to withdraw from the upcoming Wimbledon Championships, which would give Marie the chance to play at his first Wimbledon.

Marie might not be known to the wider tennis audience, but tennis die-hards are very familiar with this player as he has a famous YouTube channel where she shares his journey as a tennis player.

Being 31 might be the time when most players have their best years behind them, but not for Marie, who has played his best tennis fairly recently. He's very close to playing at Wimbledon, but there is a problem.

He's the first qualifying alternate, so he needs one withdrawal to qualify for the qualifying at SW19, which would give him the chance to play at his first Wimbledon. Since the qualifying begins on Monday, Marie needs somebody to withdraw in the upcoming hours, so he came up with a bold but creative request.

He sent a direct message to the Wimbledon legend Murray, asking him to withdraw from the tournament so that he could enter the qualifying, which he posted on social media.

"Mate, goat, idol! I'm alternate qualies-, is there any chance you can withdraw from Wimbledon list before 10 am tomorrow to let me play my first Wimbledon!"

Marie's DM to Murray

Besides being ridiculously bold, the message is very creative. The reason for that is the fact that Murray was rumored to withdraw from the tournament, at least judging by a social media post by the ATP, which was later removed.

The Brit suffered a back injury at Queen's Club, opting for surgery on Saturday. The recovery time is around four weeks, but Murray hopes to somehow be ready to play at the event, despite withdrawal rumors, because it's his last Wimbledon.


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