Medvedev remains positive after loss - "Time to build a new streak"

Medvedev remains positive after loss - "Time to build a new streak"

by Zlatko Vodenicharov

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Daniil Medvedev lost his 19-match long winning streak to Carlos Alcaraz in the Indian Wells final but he's ready to build a new streak.

This year has been miles better so far than last year for Medvedev as he managed to win three trophies already which is more than he did last year. The Russian was disappointed by the loss but he's really focused on the bigger picture liking the way his tennis is trending leading up to his least favourite part of the season - clay.

I think this one I will get over pretty quickly. I managed to make my best result in Indian Wells where before I couldn't make it to the quarters, and already my second match was a three-setter.

He played really well for almost two weeks simply losing to a player who was not to be denied on that day. Alcaraz returned to number one with the win and that speaks volumes, he's not just a player that got into the final by chance. He is without question one of the best player in the world.

A lot of positives, for sure. I think this one, I will be forever disappointed that I didn't win the final, but I can laugh already and whatever, I'm gonna try to win the next one or win this one next year. Looking forward already and, for sure, will not think too much about this one but will discuss it with my coach.

His streak is over and while it wasn't as impressive as that of Swiatek last year, Medvedev was proud of it. They don't come often and he's ready to build another one in the near future. It's unclear whether he will be able to do so on clay but perhaps he surprises everyone including himself.

Really disappointed that it ended, but a lot of confidence from this streak. Because last year, that's what I was missing, these streaks. I was doing sometimes finals, semis in Cincinnati, kind of playing good but not playing well enough in the semis. I managed to win 19 matches in a row. I'm proud of it, and now it's time to try to build a new streak. There is no other way in tennis.


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