'Just A Phase': Tsitsipas Optimistic About One-Handed Backhand After Historic Moment

'Just A Phase': Tsitsipas Optimistic About One-Handed Backhand After Historic Moment

by Erik Virostko

Stefanos Tsitsipas is optimistic about the future of one-handed backhand, despite it clearly disappearing from the world of tennis.

Since the ATP Rankings were first introduced, there was always at least one player in the Top 10 that used a one-handed backhand. That streak remained unbroken only until recently, when Tsitsipas exited the Top 10.

As the last player in the elite ten with a one-handed backhand, the Greek's exit also meant that there wouldn't be any player with a one-handed backhand in the Top 10, ending a long era.

There are also fewer players in the Top 100 that use a one-handed backhand, as the shot seems to have lost popularity among tennis players.

However, despite the obvious signs that the one-handed backhand may be disappearing from professional Tours, Tsitsipas is positive about its future.

Ahead of the 2024 Mexican Open in Acapulco, where he's set to compete, the Greek player talked about the one-handed backhand and its future after the most recent feat.

"I think it's just a phase. I remain pretty optimistic on the future of the single-handed backhand and I'm pretty sure we're going to see a lot of more champions in the future with that backhand. I, for sure, don't think it's gone."

According to Tsitsipas, the current exit of all players with one-handed backhand from the Top 10 is temporary, and he expects to see many future champions that would use this shot.

However, as three most promising players of the upcoming generation, Carlos Alcaraz, Jannik Sinner, and Holger Rune all use a two-handed backhand, so it will be interesting to observe in the following years if a talented player emerges with a one-handed backhand.

For Tsitsipas, however, focus will now shift to the ATP 500 tournament in Acapulco, as he's in a desperate need of a good result after the recent Top 10 exit.


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