'Impossible With Illness Like That': Zverev Opens Up About How He Proved Doctors Wrong

'Impossible With Illness Like That': Zverev Opens Up About How He Proved Doctors Wrong

by Zachary Wimer

Alexander Zverev has diabetes, which complicates his life as a professional athlete, but he has never given up on his dream to become one.

The German was rather secretive about his diabetes diagnosis for much of his career. There were moments that hinted heavily that he was diabetic, but he started talking openly about it only recently.

He finally became comfortable enough to talk about it only recently. He has since launched a foundation dedicated to fighting diabetes. In a recent talk with Tennis TV ahead of the 2024 Mexican Open in Acapulco, the German talked about how the condition affected his pursuit of becoming a professional player.

"I think that the hardest thing and the hardest challenge was actually when I was not on the Tour yet, I think was keeping the believe up in that I was actually able to make it. And I was actually able to become a professional tennis player."

When he was young, the German and his family talked to many experts and doctors, who all told him it might be difficult to succeed, but he pushed through and proved them wrong.

"I think all the experts and a lot of doctors were telling me the opposite or telling me that professional sports in such a high level, it was impossible with illness like that."

The decision to come forward with his diagnosis was partially motivated by him being an example that it is possible. Kids now know they can become professional athletes and not only that but also one of the better ones in the sport of their choosing.

"I'm happy to I can kind of prove the opposite and also maybe in some way, be an inspiration for other kids and for other parents as well. Because a lot of the times when you're so young and you get diabetes like myself, when I was three and a half, four years old if you don't really realize what's happening to your body, I don't remember life without it."

In the end, he doesn't remember life without diabetes. It's all he's ever known, and despite the unlikelihood, he made his dream come true.

"I only remember like the diabetes, but for the parents, it's obviously very tough. Just having me to show them that anything is possible even professional sports at the highest level."


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