'I Wonder How He Made It': Sinner's Serving Performance Stuns Medvedev

'I Wonder How He Made It': Sinner's Serving Performance Stuns Medvedev

by Zachary Wimer

Daniil Medvedev broke down what makes this version of Jannik Sinner different to the previous one that he was beating regularly.

Medvedev started off with a few issues against the young Italian beating him regularly, leading the H2H 6-0 at one point. Eventually things turned to Sinner's favour, and he has now beaten the Russian five times in a row. The most recent win came at the Miami Open, and it was the heaviest defeat for the former world no. 1 yet.

It was an amazing performance by Sinner, which left Medvedev bewildered as to what he was supposed to do. By the time he got to the press conference, the Russian had calmed down a bit and responded to questions in a precise manner.

He was asked how this Sinner differs from the one of the past, and Medvedev broke down what exactly makes it possible for him to play the way he does now.

“Well, as a person, I think he's the same. We don't know each other, like, too close but we get along well. I don't see any difference. As a player, he misses less, he chooses his shots more wisely. He serves 10 times better. You know, Jannik was always serving well, but now he serves like big, big.”

The Russian actually wonders how Sinner improved his serve so much because it's not easy. It's a tricky shot, it requires a lot of work, and sometimes it doesn't even work out as well as players hope.

“Yeah, I wonder actually how he made it, because serve is not that easy, it's not that easy shot to work on, and now he's, yeah, his serve is a big improvement for him and kind of what I have could have done better today, the serve.”

It's not by accident that many urge Carlos Alcaraz to work on his serve because if he improves it, it could do wonders. We can see what it's done to Sinner.


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