'I Am Young Boy Who Needs To Grow': Alcaraz Looking To Learn From Nadal On Doubles Court

'I Am Young Boy Who Needs To Grow': Alcaraz Looking To Learn From Nadal On Doubles Court

by Zachary Wimer

Carlos Alcaraz might be the most electrifying young player out there, but he's still fairly young and wants to learn from some of the best, like Rafael Nadal.

Even if he's the youngest world number one in the history of the ATP Tour and even if he's the youngest player ever to win Grand Slams on all three surfaces, Alcaraz doesn't think he knows everything.

The Spaniard is super-talented at tennis, but he needs to learn plenty of things to become even better. A unique opportunity will present itself in a few weeks at the Paris Olympics, where he's set to team up with Nadal for doubles.

Playing doubles itself is something new for Alcaraz, who hasn't played doubles a lot in his career, and doing it with his idol only makes it even better. He never expected it to happen because it's a huge honor.

"I haven't been able to play as much doubles as I would have liked. It's something I like, playing with volleys, with a partner who is also your friend. It's something that makes me excited, even more so with Rafa. I am very happy to be able to play with my idol, it is a great opportunity for me to enjoy that moment. I would never have expected to be able to play with Rafa in the Games."

Besides just playing with his idol, Alcaraz looks forward to learning from Nadal on the fly. In spite of his success, he considers himself fairly young in tennis terms, and he is if we compare him to Nadal, who is a legend of the sport.

There are plenty of things he can learn from the 22-time major winner, and having the legend right next to him for an extended period of time is a good chance to do so.

"I think he's going to teach me how to deal with everything. I am the young boy who needs to grow as a player and as a person. Having him by my side playing doubles, training... These are my first Games and many new things. It would be a dream for me to get a medal with him."


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