"Horrible from the first episode" - Opelka shares Break Point opinions

"Horrible from the first episode" - Opelka shares Break Point opinions

by Kadir Macar

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Reilly Opelka was not a fan of Netflix's tennis show Break Point thinking it was boring and he is not changing his mind.

The American voiced his dislike for the show a few times on social media, especially after it was renewed for a second season. Break Point was released earlier this year featuring moments from the first half of the 2022 season and the American wasn't captivated from the start. His stance was questioned by Craig Shapiro on his podcast but Opelka didn't budge.

I mean you look at the few sports that have done Netflix series now F1, golf, tennis. Tennis finished third by a mile. It’s not a crazy radical thought that that was a boring show. I thought from the first episode I thought it was horrible.

Opelka's main problem with the show, which will continue with the second season, is that it was very basic lacking any real substance. In his opinion, the tennis aspect was dumbed down and the show hid anything remotely looking like controversy. It's very in line with tennis as a sport and Opelka is not impressed with that.

It was very basic. They really dumbed it down too much in the tennis aspect. They weren’t controversial. I was surprised to the extent they shared in F1. You really get an inside look. It’s as transparent as it can be and it’s as censored as you can imagine in tennis.

He was simply stunned that it was the same crew that did the Drive to Survive show because he loved that and this isn't really comparable. He never would have known they were the same crew if he didn't say. Shapiro then asked him whether he was part of it in any capacity and he revealed a little surprise.

I had a little feature in the Fritz part but it didn’t make [the show].


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