Djokovic 'Should Never Be Considered Finished' Despite Recent Form Struggles

Djokovic 'Should Never Be Considered Finished' Despite Recent Form Struggles

by Zachary Wimer

Former ATP player Ivan Ljubicic doesn't think that Novak Djokovic is 'finished' even with the recent form struggles.

Recent form struggles might be an understatement because Djokovic hasn't really played at a high level outside of the Australian Open. He did play better at the 2024 Monte-Carlo Masters recently, but even that was quite below what we've gotten used to from him in recent years.

In any case, some are sounding the alarm and proclaiming Djokovic as 'finished,' which is not the case for former player Ivan Ljubicic, who knows Djokovic well.

The Croatian spoke with La Stampa about Djokovic's recent performances, which he admitted weren't good, but he still doesn't buy that he's finished in any capacity.

"There is Novak Djokovic and he should never be considered a finished tennis player. When he’s on the ball, and I’m sure he will be from now on, he really remains a very difficult opponent to beat. In my opinion, it matters a lot that the Olympics are in Paris."

As Ljubicic pointed out, his absence from the Tour is likely because he's really preparing for those big goals. The upcoming weeks could dramatically change his legacy. There is the Roland Garros, where he'll be the defending champion.

"It wouldn’t have been the same in Tokyo. Djokovic is focusing a lot on it because it’s the only thing he hasn’t won and it must be said that there are many reasons. I think they will have the same value as the 2012 Olympics at Wimbledon."

There are also the Olympics, which are going to be played on the same courts, and he's never won a gold medal. It's a huge dream of his and potentially the most important event in this year's calendar.

And then there is the Wimbledon as well, so any judgment should be passed after those events. If he loses early in those, maybe then the discussion may start.


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