Djokovic Admits He Can 'Leave Tennis Now' And Still 'Be Satisfied'

Djokovic Admits He Can 'Leave Tennis Now' And Still 'Be Satisfied'

by Evita Mueller

Novak Djokovic would be fine to walk away from tennis right now, but he still has hunger and passion for the game.

Djokovic was asked numerous times about his retirement, and while the question seems silly considering how well he's playing, it's closer than many people might think. He doesn't have a decade left, and he might not even play as long as he technically can.

The Serbian already has the most impressive tennis resume of all time which could decide to walk away from tennis easily. He even admitted to being comfortable with what he achieved in his career so far, but there is always more to be done.

I also love competing, I love the sport. That's my greatest motivation really, because I've made a lot of records, I've broken a lot of records and it's great. But even if I leave professional tennis now and reflect on everything I've done, I can be extremely, extremely satisfied. So I don't have a pressure to keep on competing, but I still have desire and still have the level.

That's the key part of the equation for Djokovic. He's not doing it because he feels pressure to do it, but simply because he loves to do it. He's healthy and able to play at the highest level so basically the question is why not?

I’m playing at a very high level, so records are there obviously as a huge inspiration as well, no doubt, and history of the sport. I still want to create my own history and history of tennis and see how far I can go.

He'll have a chance to make some more history. In the first match against Holger Rune at the 2023 ATP Finals, he has a chance to seal his finish as the world number one, which would be a major achievement. He'll obviously compete for the trophy as well.


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