Dimitrov 'Has Now Learned To Play Tennis' According To Former World No. 4

Dimitrov 'Has Now Learned To Play Tennis' According To Former World No. 4

by Zachary Wimer

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Former player Jelena Dokic reflected upon Grigor Dimitrov's stable play in the past 12 months by saying that he 'learned to play tennis'.

Dimitrov has been around for a long time and is a former world number 3 who peaked in 2018. The Bugalrian has always been a very solid player, with a beautiful technique that earned him the nickname baby Federer.

His game hasn't always been the most efficient, which is what former player Jelena Dokic recently talked about. She admittedly used the expression 'learned to play tennis,' which can be taken wrongly, but explained herself really well in the subsequent sentences.

“I think he's maybe now learned to play tennis. And what I mean by that, is that I don't know if anyone has as beautiful of a technique as he does ... but how effective is it? I think at times for him it's been the flair, but has the kind of consistency in matches, being able to back it up, been there?”

He's been tremendously consistent in the past 12 months, which hasn't been the case in his career, and it's why he's back in the Top 10. This came after a run to the final in Miami, which unfortunately ended without a trophy.

Dokic does hope to see more success for him in the future because he absolutely deserves more than he's achieved so far.

“I think it's taken time (to get to that point). Grigor is an unbelievable player. For me, someone who deserves at least a Grand Slam final. I do hope he gets to the latter stages of a Grand Slam again. He's got the game, tools, and weapons, and now it will be just a matter of that maturity, how strong he is psychologically, and can he keep up the level of play?”


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