"Better opportunity for a deep run" - Murray aiming to peak for grass-court swing

"Better opportunity for a deep run" - Murray aiming to peak for grass-court swing

by Jamie Malachy

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Andy Murray has spoken candidly open how he is feeling physically after an impressive but gruelling run in Doha last week.

Speaking to The Times before flying out of Qatar on Sunday, Murray explained that he needs to be cautious with his body because of his age and the severity of his career-saving hip operation four years ago, which is why he pulled out of the Dubai Tennis Championships this week.

However, the former World No. 1 has given some very positive signs that his body is responding well to regular rigorous examinations at the very highest level. Murray is confident that his body can hold up across seven five-set matches, and he sees Wimbledon this summer as the opportune moment to peak physically for such a test.

 The matches I had last week were physically pretty demanding. It was five matches in six days – the last time I did that was in Stuttgart (in June) but because of the surface (grass), the matches were physically really not that challenging. I had an issue then with my abdominal muscle and on Friday evening in Doha I was feeling my abs a little bit after the semi-final. Because of the experience I had last year, it was clearly a load-related thing because of the amount of tennis I played in a short period, so I was a bit worried about that.  

Murray on feeling some twinges after a gruelling run in Doha

My feeling on Wimbledon is that less players play well on grass. More of the guys are comfortable on the hard courts and that probably increases my chances. I’m not saying I would expect to win the French Open (on clay) if I played, but with Wimbledon, there is certainly a better opportunity to have a deep run. Yes, I have some niggles and my body doesn’t feel amazing, but it’s coped really well with the first few tournaments of the year that have been really demanding. My belief is that my body would be fine to play seven five-set matches if needs be. Granted, if they are six-hour ones, probably not, but regular five-set matches, I’d be able to cope with that.  

Murray on his chances at Wimbledon this summer



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