ATP's New Changes To Its Benefits Plan Could Have Implications On PTPA

ATP's New Changes To Its Benefits Plan Could Have Implications On PTPA

by Nurein Ahmed

The ATP has documented a series of new changes in its 2024 rulebook designed to prevent any conflict of interest by its stakeholders.

In 2024, the ATP will commit a bonus purse in the region of $21 million, split between the ATP 500 ($1.34 million) and ATP 1000 level ($20 million). Top 100 players like Novak Djokovic, Carlos Alcaraz, Daniil Medvedev, and Jannik Sinner will all contend to earn a fair share.

However, one of the eligibility requirements for the bonus payments in 2024 is that the Top 100 players must meet the Platinum Benefit criteria as defined in section 1.21 of the ATP rulebook, which reads as indicated below:

"A Member shall be entitled to receive Platinum Benefits if such player is in good standing, he does not have any relationship or affiliation with any business, corporation, company, partnership, association, organization, person, or entity that is not in the best interests of ATP or the sport of tennis and does not participate in one or more Qualified Non-Covered Events."

An ATP player is deemed in good standing when he complies with all ATP rules, does not violate or breach the anti-corruption or anti-doping rules, and is not suspended by the ATP. The player must also meet any debt or obligations owed to him by the ATP.

The second part of the rule is interesting because the ATP will not turn a blind eye to rival organizations such as the Novak Djokovic-led breakaway association called the PTPA. It remains to be seen whether this will be classified as a conflict of interest and if Djokovic will forfeit his bonus for a second year.

Thirdly, players who compete in tournaments like the UTS Tour and World Tennis League (which fall under the Qualified Non-Covered Events) and qualify for the bonus will be paid, provided those tournaments will not expand - meaning they remain in the same format as in 2023.

That is because the ATP has issued new stipulations for Top 100 players playing such tournaments, which can be retrieved from the excerpt of the rulebook in the tweet below.


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