Andy Murray Slams CEO Of Djokovic's Sponsor For 'Bizarre Post'

Andy Murray Slams CEO Of Djokovic's Sponsor For 'Bizarre Post'

by Evita Mueller

Andy Murray fired back at the CEO of Novak Djokovic's sponsor, Lacoste, for a comment made after the Serbian secured the semi-final of the 2023 ATP Finals.

Despite winning two matches at the ATP Finals, Djokovic wasn't certain to find himself in the semifinal of the ATP Finals because any kind of victory of Holger Rune over Jannik Sinner would have sent him home.

It was a strange place to be in, but luckily for Djokovic, the Italian didn't hold back and bested Rune in a very close three-set match, ensuring him a place in the semi-final.

After the match, Lacoste CEO Thierry Guibert made an interesting comment on X, formerly Twitter, about the whole situation. Guibert, who seems to be a Djokovic fan, slammed Stefanos Tsitsipas for unfair behavior while praising Sinner.

"Hats off to Jannik Sinner for his win tonight. Despite the unfair behaviour of Tsitsipas, he showed to everyone why he is a future champ and an authentic guy."

Guibert on Twitter

The tweet looks like a disjointed mess when you read it for the first time, but it's clearly referencing the Djokovic situation. The only reason why Rune was in a place to eliminate Djokovic was because he 'won' against Tsitsipas.

That match was obviously controversial because Tsitsipas retired only three games in due to an injury, giving Rune a chance to move on. Guibert was obviously happy to see Sinner step up and beat Rune, which ensured Djokovic a place in the semi-final.

The match didn't matter much to Sinner in the grand scheme of things because he was already through, but he's a competitor and wants to win every match that happened here. Andy Murray wasn't happy with the tweet and fired back.

"Bizarre post from a CEO of a sports brand. getting injured is part of sport and isnt ‘unfair behaviour.’"

Murray's response to Guibert


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