Alcaraz Receives Key Injury Prevention Tips From Veteran Murray

Alcaraz Receives Key Injury Prevention Tips From Veteran Murray

by Zachary Wimer

Carlos Alcaraz has dealt with many injuries since becoming a professional, and he got some tips from ATP veteran Andy Murray, who unfortunately had a lot of experience with that.

Murray might be the most resilient player when it comes to injuries because it's hard to picture any tennis player who would go through what he went through just to play again.

He's still competing professionally, even with a metal hip, and that's quite amazing. Unfortunately, that resilience came from a lot of experience. He's dealt with a lot of injuries in recent years, and that's just what happens.

You gain experience, and Murray used that experience to recently give some tips to Alcaraz, who has dealt with a number of smaller injuries. He's avoided major ones, luckily, but he's not been the healthiest player.

"I think for the young players it has to be based on the amount of matches you're winning. If you're winning and doing really well every week, then you should play a lighter schedule."

"Federer, I think, was probably the first one to do that and did it extremely well, but you can't go, Oh, well, everyone should just play a lighter schedule, because not everyone is making the final every week like he was."

Murray makes a fair point, and a lot of young players have become quite aware of the schedule. It wasn't the case many years ago, as players played often, but these younger generations are certainly picking their spots better.

"You know, players that are lower down in the rankings need to make ranking points, they need to earn prize money, and, you know, make the most of the tournaments they can get into."

"It depends on the quality of the player and the amount of matches that they are winning. It's not a straight answer for everyone."


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