Alcaraz 'Hungry To Be Better' After Failing To Defend Queen's Club Title

Alcaraz 'Hungry To Be Better' After Failing To Defend Queen's Club Title

by Zachary Wimer

Carlos Alcaraz failed to defend his Cinch Championships trophy at the Queen's Club, but the Spaniard remains hungry for more and for improvement.

Alcaraz won his maiden grass trophy last year at the Queen's Club Cinch Championships, following it up by winning the Wimbledon Championships. This year, that didn't happen as he was beaten early by Jack Draper, but a few things likely contributed to that.

His return to the courts following Roland Garros win seemed rushed. He expended quite a bit of energy in that final week of Roland Garros. On top of that, he was also dealing with some physical problems previously, which likely contributed to his weaker performance in London.

The loss hasn't shaken Alcaraz too much because he remains committed to his goals. One of them is to go to Wimbledon and win it again. He's hungry, and he'll do all he can to make it a reality.

"Right now I’m hungry just to be better, to practise, and that’s all I have to do. I’m really excited to start Wimbledon. Of course I really want to win every title that I [play for], and I think Wimbledon is even more special. So, as I said, I have time, and excited to start the first match on Centre Court."

Alcaraz was a bit unlucky with the draw as he faced Draper, a player who is playing out of his mind right now. He's not too bothered by the loss because losses are part of any player's career. Queen's was a goal for him, but it wasn't the main goal.

"Of course it’s tough to deal with the losses, but I think it’s part of our lives. “We have to [deal with it] as good as you can. After the losses, you have to take the positive things and of course the negative things just to improve to the next tournament."


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