Carlos Alcaraz gets grandfather's motto tattooed

Carlos Alcaraz gets grandfather's motto tattooed

by Zlatko Vodenicharov

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Carlos Alcaraz joined the club of players with tattoos as he put his grandfather's motto onto his arm due to the special meaning it has to him.

There are many tennis players on the ATP and also the WTA Tour that have tattoos. Tattoo is a popular fashion trend in the 21st century, which is created by inserting ink under person's skin, usually forming an image or text.

Among tennis players on the ATP Tour, Nick Kyrgios is one of the tattooed players, with the trend being seemingly more popular on the women's Tour, with the likes of Marketa Vondrousova, Karolina Pliskova, Aryna Sabalenka, Polona Hercog, and many more having a tattoo.

Now, the Spanish teenager, who has won the 2022 US Open recently, joins the club of tattooed tennis players, as he has included a special motto in the form of ink under his skin.

Alcaraz lives by his grandfather's motto, which serves as his mantra and compass. He frequently discussed it and referred to it as the "three C's" (cabeza, corazón, and cojones), which in translation means head, heart, and balls.

When he is confused about what to do during a match, he repeats these words over and over again. He's now going to wear them permanently on his body, and so a part of his grandfather, as that's his motto.

The young Spaniard posted a photo of himself getting the tattoo albeit not showing off yet how it looks. According to his Instagram post, it was Ganga, a famous tattoo artist, who created the masterpiece on the Spaniard's arm.

Although Ganga is based in Los Angeles, it seems that he paid a visit to Alcaraz, as the picture was taken in the Spaniard's hometown in El Palmar, Muricia, in Spain. With a brand new tattoo, the world no. 1 will try to show everyone that he has cabeza, corazón, and cojones in 2023.


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