Alcaraz Explains Why His 2023 Season Was Even Better Than 2022 Despite Finishing No. 2

Alcaraz Explains Why His 2023 Season Was Even Better Than 2022 Despite Finishing No. 2

by Evita Mueller

Some might say that Carlos Alcaraz didn't have as strong of a year as last year, but he actually believes this one to be even better.

In reality, the years are pretty similar. Some of the things he did last year were amazing because we haven't seen it before. This year didn't have that benefit because we actually saw him dominate last year in the way he did this year as well.

The novelty wasn't there as we came to expect it. The tennis he played was pretty similar for the most part. He hit the same highs he hit last year and won many matches. He won 57 matches last year but 67 matches this year.

He was more healthy this year which contributed but he generally he played really well and made some strides. Winning Wimbledon was a huge thing for the Spaniard who actually sees this year as a better one than last year.

It’s been a spectacular year. You have to realise that I picked up 2000 more points than the previous year but played one fewer Grand Slam. I didn’t play in Australia, and it was still my best season. It was incredible, I played some great matches. I’ve improved little by little and also learned how to deal with the pressure, and with difficult moments.

Alcaraz on his season

Alcaraz really had a fascinating season, but the fact that people are somewhat disappointed about it just shows what kind of season he could have had. He's that good, and despite winning several titles, a few big ones as well, he still has people wanting more.

He wants it too, and we'll see if he manages to next year. The good thing is that he's finally looking healthier than usual, which will be crucial in his career.


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