Alcaraz Confirms He Wants To Ask For Early Match At Queen's Club To Watch EURO

Alcaraz Confirms He Wants To Ask For Early Match At Queen's Club To Watch EURO

by Zachary Wimer

Carlos Alcaraz admitted that should he play on Thursday, he will ask the 2024 Cinch Championships organizers for an early match so he could watch a football match.

The European Football Championships (EURO) are played in Germany at the moment, and Alcaraz is eager to follow Spain's journey. The country made a great start by beating Croatia 3-0 in their first match, and they will play their next match against Italy.

That's a very important match for his country and that's why the Spaniard wants to see it. It's played in the evening on Thursday, and that's why Alcaraz confirmed to the media that he would ask the organizers to put his match early so he can watch the match uninterrupted.

It's a relatively minor request and not the first time a player has asked for their match to be moved.

"The Euro is every four years, it's time to support and watch Spain. I will ask to play before."

Alcaraz on watching Spain at the Euros

As Alcaraz pointed out, the EURO comes around every four years. It's an important football tournament, and the Spanish team is strong, with a good chance to go deep and even challenge for a trophy.

As a patriot, Alcaraz wants to watch it because he likes football. It's a fairly popular sport in his native Spain, and he grew up playing it. The organizers will likely oblige Alcaraz's request because he's one of the biggest names in tennis and the defending champion at the ATP 500 tournament at the Queen's Club.

There is no reason not to do him this one small favor because the event might be concluded by the time Spain plays next time around, and Alcaraz won't have to ask for any more favors, in terms of the scheduling of his matches.


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