Maria Sakkari, Taylor Fritz happy with Netflix Break Point's success

Maria Sakkari, Taylor Fritz happy with Netflix Break Point's success

by Evita Mueller

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The Netflix Tennis show Break Point proved to be a success and the company renewed it for another season which makes some players that took part very happy.

Fritz and Sakkari were part of the first season of the TV show and the way it was received encourages both of them in relation to the future of tennis. There has been some doubt over tennis after metrics showed that it's losing ground on other sports but this latest development makes them happy.

I don’t think we’re like movie stars right now. It’s just our personalities being exposed -- in a good way. I’ve had people coming up to me and saying I watched you on ‘Break Point,’ but not playing tennis, which I think was very good for the show. I was happy because that whole thing really helps tennis.

Sakkari on Break Point

Fritz was a player whose participation in the show gained him the most followers as his social media numbers saw a noticeable bump following the show. He's not that much concerned with that but is happy about the sport growing. The sport becoming bigger will help all players including him.

It’s good to see that because those are people who aren’t tennis fans. In the U.S. especially, that’s what we need. So whenever there’s someone saying, `Oh, I saw you on Break Point,’ I see that as someone maybe potentially who might watch tennis as a fan. What it’s been doing for the sport is great. Hopefully that continues.

Fritz on Break Point

Fritz's favourite part is that the show literally shows what happens behind the scenes which many fans don't know about it. Unless you're really part of the sport you don't know what it looks like apart from the tennis court.

Tennis, being on tour, there’s a really great story to be told. Because what we do is pretty crazy and a lot of people don’t really know the behind-the-scenes, the traveling, the competing and everything that goes on. I’m glad the reception’s been great.”

Fritz on the 'BTS' approach

Being part of the show was significant for Sakkari because she always talked about coming from a small country that doesn't have a strong tennis tradition. Born to a tennis player (mother) inspired Sakkari to try and further the sport in her country and this platform certainly aids that goal.

I never thought that coming from a very small country I would get to the ranking level where I was last year. Seeing myself on TV is nothing that I’m used to. It was kind of weird in a way, but also nice to see the different players in the episode.

Sakkari on her career

The cameras for the show were rolling at the Eisenhower Cup as well with the scenes probably part of next season. The rest of the first season will air later this year on Netflix with scenes from Wimbledon, US Open and the WTA Finals where Sakkari played as well.


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