Swiatek Reveals Why She Watched Only One Episode Of Netflix's Break Point

Swiatek Reveals Why She Watched Only One Episode Of Netflix's Break Point

by Sebastian Dahlman

Iga Swiatek was part of Netflix’s Break Point, but she didn't really watch it, revealing at the 2023 Cincinnati Masters why that is.

As the number one player in the world of the women's side of the sport, Netflix contacted Swiatek about being part of Break Point. She agreed to do it but hasn't really watched the TV show since it came out. After winning over Collins, she was asked about it in Cincinnati and admitted to only watching one episode.

There is a very simple reason. She's not used to seeing herself on a big screen and wasn't entirely comfortable with the camera being present all the time. She thinks the TV show is good for tennis, but she might not be the right person to take part.

I only watched my episode. Sorry. No, like, it was kind of weird watching myself on this big TV show. But, yeah, for me, the whole experience was really nice and I learned a lot. I also learned that I'm not 100% comfortable with cameras following me around.

Swiatek on Break Point

But, yeah, well, I think it's great that we have something like that in tennis. On the other hand, from our perspective when we watch the show, we know sometimes a little bit more and we know that this is the show also for people who don't know a lot about tennis, you know.

Swiatek is pretty private outside of tennis, with not much known about her life. She prefers it that way, and it was reflected in the way she was shot for Break Point. She didn't want cameras to invade too much of her private life.

Honestly I wasn't one of these players that agreed to everything, because I didn't want the crew to kind of be, I don't know, at my house or, you know, shooting with my family a lot. But I showed a little bit of, like, my private life.


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