"Emma Raducanu can be the best in the world" - says Mats Wilander

"Emma Raducanu can be the best in the world" - says Mats Wilander

by Evita Mueller

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Despite her recent struggles and odd career choices, Mats Wilander firmly believes that Emma Raducanu can become the best player in the world.

Raducanu had a rough year last year, dealing with various ailments and being unable to play consistently. She didn't get off to a good start this year, hurting her ankle in the opening week of the season. Despite this, Wilander believes she has what it takes to become great.

Emma can be one of the best in the world, but she has to find her identity. You need the right trainer for that. Finding that out isn't a matter of two weeks, it's a matter of years.

Wilander on Raducanu

Finding an identity has been a struggle for Raducanu. She knows what type of tennis she wants to play and she knows what her strengths her but the struggle of finding the right coach who will mould her in the right way has been an issue.

She has to find someone she trusts so that she can find her identity as a player.

Wilander on her coaching carousel

She's hired the former coach of Belinda Bencic before this season and so far it's been going good. Unforunately the injury happened and it's likely she won't be ready for the Australian Open.


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