McEnroe's BBC Wimbledon Salary For Commentary Duties Revealed

McEnroe's BBC Wimbledon Salary For Commentary Duties Revealed

by Jordan Reynolds

John McEnroe is part of BBC's Wimbledon coverage every year, and his earnings for his work have been made public.

The BBC has broadcast Wimbledon on UK television screens for more than 80 years. That brings an expectation and pressure to have some of the biggest names in the studio and commentary box.

McEnroe, who created headlines a few weeks ago for an argument he had with Travis Scott, certainly fits that category. He won seven Grand Slam titles, and his often fiery on-court outbursts brought much attention to tennis.

The 64-year-old also uses a distinctive style when he is in the commentary box. He combines forthright and honest appraisals of the matches he is watching with a more easygoing and self-deprecating sense of humor compared to his playing career.

McEnroe's comments during Grand Slam matches often divide fans and generate attention on social media. And it is now clear how much that attention is worth to the BBC by the money they pay the American.

It has been reported by The Mirror that McEnroe earned between £205,000 and £209,000 for his work during the Wimbledon fortnight. The three-time Wimbledon champion is a wealthy individual, but that is still a large pay cheque for two weeks of work.

And that is not even McEnroe's only income during SW19. He also commentates for ESPN during the Grand Slam, and undoubtedly earns another very healthy sum there for his insights.

However, McEnroe, who jokingly called Andre Agassi a chump, is still not close to the top earner at the BBC. That title goes to ex-footballer Gary Lineker. The former striker hosts the weekly show Match of the Day, as well as some live FA Cup matches for the broadcaster.

McEnroe's salary for two weeks of work will split opinion. But he does bring both attention and the knowledge of a former Wimbledon and Grand Slam champion to the airwaves. The seven-time Grand Slam champion is very likely to be back on the BBC once again for Wimbledon 2024.


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