WATCH: Carlos Alcaraz Hits Ridiculous Shot During Exhibition In Mexico

WATCH: Carlos Alcaraz Hits Ridiculous Shot During Exhibition In Mexico

by Evita Mueller

Carlos Alcaraz took on Tommy Paul in Mexico City in an exhibition that saw the Spaniard hit an incredible shot.

Alcaraz hitting incredible shots is nothing new as we've been seeing that sort of stuff for two years from him. He's become quite known as a tremendous shot-maker especially when he's on the backfoot, which makes it even more impressive.

He signed up for an exhibition in Mexico City against Tommy Paul earlier this year, and that match was played on Wednesday night. It was special in many ways because, first of all, Mexico City is very high, 2200 meters high, which is quite unusual for a tennis match.

Second of all, the match was played in a bull ring, which certainly is not typical for tennis, but the stands were packed, and they played in front of 30.000 people. Ultimately, the match proved a success as the Mexican crowds love tennis, with the Spaniard emerging victorious 7-6 6-3.

The match was played loosely because it's an exhibition match and, as such featured a lot of interesting rallies. The point of the whole match was won by Alcaraz, who played something like a flick forehand.

It's pretty hard to describe with words, which is why you can see the shot in an attached video below, but he basically dug out a ball that almost hit the ground with a sort of flick motion while facing the net with his back.

Tommy Paul was stunned, and he bowed down to Alcaraz while the crowd cheered. It's good to see Alcaraz with a bright smile because we've missed it.

He seemed pretty down in this final part of the year, so let's hope this continues and we see many shots like this when he takes on Djokovic later this month in Saudi Arabia.


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