Sinner 'Doesn't Get Excited When He Wins, Doesn't Make Drama When He Loses' Says Ljubicic

Sinner 'Doesn't Get Excited When He Wins, Doesn't Make Drama When He Loses' Says Ljubicic

by Zachary Wimer

Former number 3 Ivan Ljubicic was very complimentary to Jannik Sinner, pointing out how poised he is no matter the situation.

Sinner has a bit of a cold appearance on the tennis court. He's not really a player who goes above and beyond in the emotion department. You won't see him screaming or ranting because he remains composed, whatever the situation.

At times, he'll show more emotion than at other times, but for the most part, he's not the most hot-headed player on the court. The Italian is equally composed in wins and losses, which impressed former Roger Federer's coach Ljubicic.

According to the Croatian, Sinner's on-court behavior makes him 'a wonderful example', especially when compared to some overly-emotional colleagues on the ATP Tour.

"I think Jannik Sinner is a wonderful example for young people. It's not that others aren't, but he has a particular way of doing things: he doesn't get excited when he wins and he doesn't make dramas when he loses."

Ljubicic on Sinner to Sky Sports

Remaining composed in tricky situations is very tough, and it has to be learned. Other players who are not like that have spoken before about how it's not good to lose focus.

Daniil Medvedev often spoke about how he wanted to become more composed on the tennis court and not allow other things to disturb his focus. That's why Sinner is such a great example for Ljubicic. He just gets to the court and plays tennis, treating it as a job.

"He does his job, he delivers. what he says. His greatest talent is to get to work like this, he doesn't change his character and he will continue like this, and that will take him very high. We'll see. He just won his first Slam and now he continues to win more tournaments."


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