Rune Forced To Retire From His Semifinal Match At Montpellier Open

Rune Forced To Retire From His Semifinal Match At Montpellier Open

by Zachary Wimer

Holger Rune started really well against Borna Coric at the 2024 Montpellier Open, but then he started struggling with an injury.

This was a very strange match for the young Dane because he entered it as the favorite to win. Rune plays well enough indoors to overcome whatever affinity for indoor tennis Coric has.

The Danish player was looking really good this week, but unfortunately, this match ended the streak. In the first set, it started with an early break for Rune, who was looking more focused at the start of the match.

Coric is occasionally prone to these lapses of focus, which happened early in this match. The Croatian would break back immediately after and apply heavy pressure in the next couple of games.

The match completely changed within minutes, and it was very strange to see. From Rune, looking on top, the Croatian started dominating out of nowhere. He would eventually get the break and finish off the opening set 6-3.

The serve was a major issue for Rune because he cruised when he hit it, but he hit it only 50% of the time, and it also seemed like he started to lack some speed on it. The second serve couldn't create any kind of pressure, and that was the problem.

It was a problem for Coric, too, but he hit his serve pretty well most of the match. When Rune fell behind in the second set, he took a medical timeout for what appeared to be an arm injury, more specifically, his forearm.

His groundstrokes were very weak, almost pushing instead of hitting, and the serve was still a huge problem. After getting broken for the second time, Rune opted to retire because it was clear that he would not be able to fight in the match.

There was no point in playing any longer, with the injury appearing to be a forearm injury. It was an unfortunate, development for the Dane just as he started playing well.


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