'I Do Have Pain': Zverev Addresses Major Injury Scare After Wimbledon Win

'I Do Have Pain': Zverev Addresses Major Injury Scare After Wimbledon Win

by Zachary Wimer

Alexander Zverev suffered an injury scare during his most recent match, at the 2024 Wimbledon Championships, slipping and apparently hurting his knee.

The German was playing native player Cameron Norrie, and it was a very competitive match. During the match, Zverev slipped in the second set and apparently hurt his knee, which required a doctor to come out and check it.

Ultimately, he was cleared to proceed, and he continued to play, winning that set. He then won the third set in an iconic tiebreak that ended 17-15 to win the match and progress into the fourth round of the grass-court major.

However, after the match, he also confirmed that he was unsure about his knee. The German admitted that he had pain in the knee, but he wouldn't know more until he had an MRI.

"Yeah, my knee went too straight. Overstretched it? Is that how you call it? We'll see. I do have pain right now, and I will check it. I will see what the MRI says."

Playing on an injured knee on grass is not really a good idea because the knee suffers quite a bit on this surface. A very tough matchup against Taylor Fritz is coming up for the German, so anything can really happen.

"I personally don't think it can be anything too serious because I still played. Of course, I was limited. In some of the movements, I was limited, but if you break a ligament or if you break something else, I don't think you can continue playing the way I did."

If Zverev is cleared to play, he will, but there is also a chance that he will withdraw from the tournament. He expressed hope that everything would be fine.

"We'll see what it is, but hopefully, I will be fine in two days' time."


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