Australian Open Hits Unprecedented 1 Million Attendees In Record-Breaking Event

Australian Open Hits Unprecedented 1 Million Attendees In Record-Breaking Event

by Zachary Wimer

The 2024 Australian Open has shattered the previous attendance records, which is a very good sign for the event.

Tennis might be a sport, but it's essentially a business. Everything you see is a product, including the tennis players who spend hours entertaining the crowd. So, as a business, it's ultimately about the bottom line.

The success of an event from a fan's perspective might be the full experience, but for the event itself, it comes down to numbers. How many fans did we attract? How many tickets did we sell?

The popularity of the sport has been growing every year, which is very good for events like the Australian Open. They have data to back it up because the number of people attending increases yearly.

Before this year's event, the most successful event was last year's edition, as the main draw drew a crowd of 839,192 people. The overall attendance record last year was 902,312. That's combining the main draw and the qualifiers.

This year's event shattered both completely. The main draw attendance was 1,020,763, while the overall was 1,110,657, which means that the main draw attendance increased by more than 180,000 while the overall number increased by more than 207,000. These are not small numbers.

There are some other things important to observe. Opening week attendance was also higher this year compared to last year, increasing from 63 thousand to almost 90 thousand.

The opening day of the main draw, which was during a historic Sunday start, ended up pulling 87,705 fans. The best day in terms of numbers happened on Day 7, when 93,723 people visited the event.

The final two days at the event drew bigger numbers than last year, with the women's finals drawing 39,113 compared to last year when it was 31,653. For the men, it was only a minor increase from 45,832 to 46,365.


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