Alcaraz Aware He Needs To Be At 'Stratospheric' Level To Beat Rival Sinner

Alcaraz Aware He Needs To Be At 'Stratospheric' Level To Beat Rival Sinner

by Zachary Wimer

Jannik Sinner might be the top player in the world right now, and Carlos Alcaraz is fully aware that he needs to be much better to match him.

Sinner has always been a tricky matchup for Alcaraz, and while the Spaniard won some huge matches between them, the Italian did so as well. The current level of Sinner is above that of Alcaraz, even though we didn't really see them play this year.

We can simply compare the results, and the Italian has outplayed the two-time major winner quite a bit, not just this year but also late last year. Speaking about Sinner to Punto de Break, Alcaraz also reflected on what he needs to do to challenge the Italian for the top of tennis.

"Jannik is having a very good moment. His level of tennis shows the confidence he has. He is a super worker and it does not surprise me that he is at this point right now."

Sinner on Alcaraz

Sinner and Alcaraz have a respectful rivalry going on, which is really good for tennis. They even practiced together before the 2024 season, and so far, it has benefitted Sinner more. It's just the start of the year, and plenty of matches will be played. Alcaraz knows the level he needs to achieve to beat his rival.

"To beat him you have to play at a stratospheric level. I am happy for him because he is a very good person and the fact that he is at this point helps me to improve and get the best out of me."

Their battles will go on for another decade, so we can see who ultimately ended up as the better player. Right now, it seems like it's Sinner, despite Alcaraz having a much better start.

Last year, it was the Spaniard for much of it, but that's the nature of rivalries. It changes all the time, tilting on one side and then the other.


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