'No Love For The Game': Andreescu Admits She Wanted To Quit Tennis

'No Love For The Game': Andreescu Admits She Wanted To Quit Tennis

by Alfredo Bassanelli

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Bianca Andreescu opened up about her struggles with mental health and the moment she considered quitting the sport she once loved.

In a recent episode of the WTA's 'Real Me' series in collaboration with Modern Health, the Canadian shared a candid revelation. The 22-year-old admitted that at one point in her career, she had lost all love for the game and even considered quitting tennis altogether.

Andreescu's heartfelt confession comes at a time when the spotlight on mental health in sports has never been brighter, and it is a testament to her resilience that she has not only overcome her struggles but also become an ambassador for mental health in the tennis community.

Andreescu's journey towards self-discovery and self-love began when she realized that her self-worth was too heavily based on her performance on the court. This dependency on success led her to experience intense feelings of confusion, shock, and overwhelming pressure. It was at this point that she decided to take a break from tennis and focus on her mental well-being.

"Looking back now, I know that I didn't have enough love for myself outside of being just a tennis player. I felt like I was basing so much of my self-worth on results."

"At the time, I had no idea because I never really felt that way ever in my life, so I was confused, I was shocked, overwhelmed, I had no idea what to do."

"Literally, as harsh as it sounds I wanted to quick the sport, I had no love for the game whatsoever. So then at that point is when I took my break, my mental break."

This brave decision has proven to be a turning point in her life and career. As she learned to love herself beyond her identity as a tennis player, Andreescu gained a new appreciation for the sport and found the strength to face her challenges head-on.

Her inspiring story resonated also with Tennis Canada, which has recently launched its Mental Timeout initiative to promote mental health awareness among athletes and create a supportive environment for all participants in the sport.

The Mental Timeout initiative, backed by the largest mutual insurance company in Canada, Beneva, aims to enhance the well-being of tennis players across the country and appointed Andreescu as their ambassador.


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