How Stefanos Tsitsipas Dominated On Serve In 2023 In Absence Of Big Guys

How Stefanos Tsitsipas Dominated On Serve In 2023 In Absence Of Big Guys

by Sebastian Dahlman

With the way the game is trending, serving stats are becoming a very interesting talking point, as Stefanos Tsitsipas claims this year's crown.

There are many great servers on the ATP Tour because the game demands it. As the players keep pushing the level higher and higher, more players are opting for a more aggressive approach.

There is no more aggressive approach than a good serve, hence why all the young emerging talents have a pretty good serve. It's just a very important shot in the sport, the only one you can fully control, so making it as good as possible is very important.

Novak Djokovic wasn't a good server, but he became one over time, and it completely transformed his game. Look at Jannik Sinner and what his improvement on serve did for his tennis, especially indoor tennis.

It's just a very important shot, and the taller you are, the easier time you'll have with it. Some of the best servers in history, like Ivo Karlovic and John Isner, are exceptionally tall individuals, way out of the norm.

Stefanos Tsitsipas isn't as tall as them, but he's far above the statistical average for his country or any other country. Standing at 6'4" (193 cm) allows Tsitsipas to hit some pretty good angles, which helps with the serve.

In the absence of guys like Isner and Reilly Opelka, who just recently returned from injury, Tsitsipas actually dominated the serving stats this year. He has the highest percentage of service games won out of all the players who played any reasonable amount of matches on the ATP Tour this year, at 88.64%.

He's got Novak Djokovic beaten by less than half a percent as the Serbian has a winning percentage of 88.39%. One thing to note, though, is that Tsitsipas played many more games, which adds to the overall achievement. He had 201 more chances to lose a serve compared to Djokovic.


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