Gauff Feels Her 'Forehand Is Weapon On Clay' Despite Admitting Need To Improve It

Gauff Feels Her 'Forehand Is Weapon On Clay' Despite Admitting Need To Improve It

Ahead of the 2023 Roland Garros, Coco Gauff spoke about her forehand, an often discussed stroke in her game.

There are many people that talked about the forehand of the talented American. One of those players is also her colleague from the WTA Tour Paula Badosa, who spoke about it after she defeated Gauff recently.

Australian coach Rennae Stubbs suggested that Gauff needs to improve her forehand and even the former coach of Serena and Venus Williams, Rick Macci talked about Gauff's forehand. Ahead of the second major of the season, the teenager herself talked about it, but as a weapon.

"I mean, obviously the forehand is something that I have to improve on, but on clay especially I feel like it's one of my weapons. Last year, I mean, I have won a lot of points using that heavy forehand, and I think that that's something I continue to do this year."

One of the factors contributing to Gauff's success is her receptivity to guidance. Throughout her tennis journey, she’s been a good student, absorbing instructions and implementing them effectively on the court.

"Regarding the strengths and the things that I guess what I would do in an hour, I think that's part of the part of adulthood, I guess. I'm used to being told what to do and I just do it. So I guess now I'm trying to find, and I think Patrick and in previous coaches want me to be more vocal about my game and about what I want to do. I'm just used to doing what I'm told. I think that's what made me a good student in tennis, but obviously to make it to that next level I have to do the things."

Gauff also understands that tennis isn't about mastering one stroke alone. It's a complex symphony of shots, techniques, and strategies that need to be in harmony.

"So I would say it's just whatever my coach tells me. I mean, right now I feel like my forehand is a strength on clay. In all my practice matches, obviously I have the advantage. I know where they're going to play me, which is a lot, as some players don't know that. I know exactly what they're going to do and now it's all about executing it."

While her forehand becomes more confident, she’s aware of the slight inconsistency with her backhand. She mentions a recent match where, although her forehand was up to mark, the backhand fell short, leading to mistakes.

"So I guess in a way I'm using it more as a strength. Obviously it's something I need to work on, but I have to work on everything. My last match I think I honestly hit my forehand well. I think the backhand was the problem in my last match. I wouldn't say "the" backhand but a lot of mistakes on that side."

Gauff, however, is not one to back down. Instead, she embraces the challenge, viewing it as another area of her game that she can improve. She’s in the process of refining her skills, her backhand included, preparing for the next battle on the court.

"So it's something that I'm working on, and we'll see. I mean, I feel pretty confident going into this tournament regardless of how other people view my game. But none of that matters when I step on the court."



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